My thoughts are clear


Artist: Darkleaf
Album: Beneath the Surface (Compilation)
Title: For Her Souly, Slowly, Solely

My thoughts are clear
My thoughts are clear

Reminiscing by watching the past
My thoughts are clear
Reminiscing by watching the past pass
My thoughts are clear

Reconciling the opposites
Now colliding divergent forces pulling my entities two ways like indecision
An incendiary split burns like embers
in my coal fire tended with the using of the angels
In my limited vehicle I’m trying to fix my muffler in route to constellations

I determine the sound inside to see if a hundred thousand miles reaches
my earthly toll to the water

I see her with pure peace Symbolic element bi animas evading
Everlasting with colliding and waiting for my energetic key to unlock timelessness
My temporal universe is collapsing in its linear veneer

I believe it is absurd to think that the word could ever capture the pure elements
But I diluted earthly tests to gather measurements for my defense
The fence of parameter permanents ideal life shatters to the unlimited
The next is the two components of yin and yang floating in vacuous space

Their working is for the investigating uncovering experiencing to
release the pure energy which they call love in its place
To replace the astronaut battery grown weak from false projection

Reverse polarity on the attention gathered on focusing on the surface
The self with the selfless repudiates my time travel I unravel before his holiness
Begging at last to be open needing cajoling
or chemical can look into the iris experience naked

In the cavern if you find the jewel of life
and take it with who or what would you replace it?
I have traveled so far hoping my hundred thousand mile foot still
touches the river of earthly waters of reality
Looking out to space to retrace the roots of my original face
to embrace her slowly solely souly

But this whole term is philosophic life becomes kaleidoscopic when
placing the dye of microscopic analyzing on our year of in creation
Building a station upon the atom it’s hard to fathom with reason
Measuring the microbe the macro shadow
grows perilously larger than the selfishness of the ego
My subjects are loosing substance
from the recondite space in the experiments I am controlling
Life is inversely larger than scrutiny over sedentary topics
philosophically applied to abstract space
Years ago when my soul started inquiry into this place

The world has moved on
Humanity has moved a million years since
I’m smashing atoms in the cosmic mind
Moms describe me in the same place its all in my mind
I’m traveling space and time looking for the lost pieces of my infant ship
My cast away family past away ambling with age
I destroy energy in reverse polarity enraged

Completely discouraged I forged on to the dark without Captains orders
It’s a metaphor for alienation alteration alternating wrong and right
I gather light in order to effect creation

I measure the past while its passing in the river quite an endeavor a
promise to myself to the letter a male cannot deliver
I excise my allegiance to ever and join never in its subtle cynicism
Resigning reclining watching the kaleidoscopic cataclysm and longing for religion
The ousting of my soul fire her manumission is my death life pendulum swinging

The beating of the thugs around her releasing her singing
And she loves me she loves me not
The male order stampedes on galaxies of the destruction and join her cause
All sentiments towards her gifts are a parade of laws

On this planet stranded barren extracting heaven from the one flower left
Call it nostalgic Eden two steps remove heaven
Hell’s six I’m gathering living and dieing is seven

To rejoin her slowly souly solely

Driving a hard chakra along the karmic flow throttle the fourth meridian
along the surface looking for signs of heart but there is no life
Awhile under the surface lies team and existence a wealth of information
harboring the beginning

God created heaven and earth
What he detested aligns the trials and test of crucifixion
Ultimately space is abstracted as a cushion
and those astronauts who exist here waiting in the bus station
We have not yet gone to the place where touching God is warranted

There is a warrant out for my testament that is unwanted
I am searching everywhere else for the elements to rejoin the soul
Banging on the window of my astronaut suit
touching my own fingers to get to heaven on earth
Rejoin her slowly souly solely

My thoughts are clear
My thoughts are clear

My thoughts are clear
Reminiscing watching the past
My thoughts are clear
Reminiscing watching the past pass

My thoughts are clear rejoin her slowly souly solely:)


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