Voo on the other side

z 175

VOO , the Golden Cat and his brother Doo were born in my closet in the summer of 2010.
Voo was a talking cat. I understood that he was communicating with me and I know he knew I understood.
We winked each others for acknowledgement. 😉
Street smart as he was, bigger forces (cars) made their presence felt and Voo went on the other side. From 25.02.2013 VooDoo Brothers got new meanings: Doo is still here and Voo is on the other side! “I see” more  connections with the other worlds! Funny Life.
I’ll have an open mind and a loving heart and I’ll listen to the hugs from NOWHERE.
I love you, Voo,  from INside !
 VooDoo Brothers in the mix (see the difference: Doo has white on his mouth and front paws).

IMG_2847 IMG_2868

Voo allways on books power.


Sleeping skils 

Picture 292 Picture 293 z 039 z 050

Isis and her kids enjoing the green and the sun.

z 277 z 278 z 279 z 280 z 281


z 193 z 195 z 196 z 198 z 200 z 201 z 202 z 203 z 204 z 205 z 213 z 214 z 215 z 225

The night is Voo’s favorite time.

IMG_9498 IMG_9487 IMG_9488 IMG_9489 IMG_9490 IMG_9486 IMG_9499 mare





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