0’s and 1’s

         “Balance is something; it exist without you, and moves through you, like love. “


“The origin of music lies far back in time. It arises out of harmony and it is rooted in the Great One. The Great One gives rise to two poles: the two poles give rise to the powers of darkness and light. That from which all beings arise and in which they have their origin is the Great One; that whereby they form and perfect themselves is the duality of darkness and light. As soon as the seed-germs start to stir, they coagulate into a form. The bodily shape belongs to the world of space, and everything special has a sound. The sound arises out of harmony. Harmony arises out of relatedness. Harmony and relatedness are the root from which music, established by the ancient kings, arose.”

Chinese text: The Spring and Autumn Annals, 722 BCE





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