The Ego



Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt – The Ego


For Nicolas Jaar, 2012 has been a year of gradation rather than graduation. Working on his live show, the producer has played a number of stunning sets, while Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset has delivered some thought provoking electronics.

OK, his idea to release music as a cube didn’t exactly take off but overall, 2012 has been a success. Ending the year in style, Nicolas Jaar recently pointed fans towards a free download designed as a quick Thanksgiving present.

‘The Ego’ opens with a distorted spoken word sample, before something approaching a hip hop beat asserts itself. All bass belches and snare cracks, the track has a stillness which moves between patience and something altogether more unsettling.

Ending with a flurry of near tropical synths, ‘The Ego’ is both wonderfully pretentious and great fun.

via is only noise


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