The Body is a Resonance Chamber and we live in a Universe of Sound. Can you feel it?

Evelyn Glennie
Still. About the Whole


The Polar Music Prize 2015 is awarded to percussionist Evelyn Glennie from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Evelyn Glennie, who has been deaf since the age of twelve, has a mission to teach the world to listen.

She has widened our understanding of what music is and shown us that listening is only partly to do with our ears.

Everyone, whatever their physical circumstances, can perceive and perform music, can feel and convey good vibrations. We all have our own, individual tone.

In her home country of the United Kingdom, she has changed the criteria for acceptance by music schools, has been honoured by the Queen for her efforts and had a key role in the opening of the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

As a musician, she is one of very few who have successfully made a career as a solo percussionist. She has played with the world’s foremost orchestras, conductors and artists and has released more than 30 solo albums.

Evelyn Glennie shows us that the body is a resonance chamber and that we live in a universe of sound.”

Do go find out more here.



Dame Evelyn Glennie is one of the world’s finest virtuoso percussionists. As she approaches 50 she is now involving herself in what she describes as ‘legacy’ projects – ‘ones that make a difference’.

These vary from unique collaborations to her plans for a National Centre for Percussion, which will not only display her collection of over 2,000 percussion instruments but also be a space for performances, master classes and lectures.

The next videos explore Evelyn’s collection of instruments, follow her in rehearsal and reveal the story of how a country girl from Aberdeenshire became a global percussion superstar.






“Listen or your tong will keep you deaf!”


This is a resonance of a glimpse that I had in 2013. Go check it out:  Listening Skills









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