Music, the wild woods and John Moose

Still. About the Whole
Still. About the Whole


The Swedish band John Moose pre-released their debut album via mobile app. It is free for anyone to download and enjoy but there is one condition: the user must be in the woods in order to listen to the music.
This unique limitation is fitting for the five-piece band with roots in the deep wild woods of Värmland in Sweden. It also matches their music’s theme of the human connection with nature.
The unique app was launched for smartphones on April 14. It uses a device’s GPS to detect whether the user is located in the woods or not. They will only be able to listen to the music for free when they are away from busy towns and enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods. According to the app’s developer, Tobias Norén (who is also the drummer for the band), it will work well even in smaller forest areas. The band’s singer, André Szeles, said:

We want to give our listeners an unique experience. We hope that our fans as well as journalists really take the time and effort to go out in the woods and listen to our music. The woods alone are a great experience.

John Moose’s album was officially released on April 24 by Anlesser and distributed by Border Music. via
Check out a promo video for the band’s pre-release app:




Learn more about John Moose, music and the wild woods of Sweden.




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