Free your Mind

Still. About the Whole
Still. About the Whole


Stories about Addictions


Excessive thinking .

I am Here/Now because I think a lot.

About the Whole. Still.

I am Learning How to See.

To See Thinking as an Addiction.

Like all addictions, Thinking helps a lot.

No doubt.

Addictions as in loops.

Loops as in Patterns.

Patterns as in Frequencies

Frequencies as in Waves.



Free your Mind.

Space is the place. Space between the thoughts!



If you find it challenging to understand all of the above, you can just Listen to a random mix from Lefto.

He has the unique capacity to select and mix sounds that make your brain sparkle, building new neural pathways by going off the beaten path.

New neuronal connections, will bust your creativity and will make you feel InTune with the Whole.





Still. MusicIsMedicine








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