One Giant Consciousness



Still. About the Whole
Still. About the Whole


Life is One.

Abstract. Pur abstract potential.

All forces, all the elements are just like ripples on a single Ocean of Existence | Unified Field | Super String Field.

Trees, Stars, Galaxies, People, Animals are just waves of vibration from this Super String Field.



Human Potential.

Unified Field of Consciousness.

We internalize our consciousness through the filters of our nervous system, but the Self is universal and knowing it by experience is called enlightenment.

The Universe is alive.

The deeper you go in the structure of natural low, the more you discover that the substance of nature is made from the same stuff the thoughts are made of. (no more particle but waves)

At the foundation is pur being. Pur Intelligence. The most concentrate field of Intelligence in Nature.

Non material, Dynamic, Self aware Intelligence.

Pur abstract being.


Pur abstract potential.

The Universe is hierarchically structured resulting in different truths | Natural reverberance.

We are like waves. Different vibrational frequencies.

The whole Universe is a symphony. Various harmonics, fundamentals and overtones of One Universal Field.

Universal Ocean of Existence.

Between the lines of John Hagelin










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