Free your Mind

  Stories about Addictions   Excessive thinking . I am Here/Now because I think a lot. About the Whole. Still. I am Learning How to See. To See Thinking as an Addiction. Like all addictions, Thinking helps a lot. No doubt. Addictions as in loops. Loops as in Patterns. Patterns as in Frequencies Frequencies as in Waves. Listen. TuneIn. Free your Mind. Space is the … Continue reading Free your Mind

Injektah |The Beat Selector

Take a brake. Relax. Listen to this beats:     Got you dancing? If you did not perceived any body activity resembling ‘dance moves’, your spirit may be in trouble. You can help yourself by listening the mix below. You’ll have the chance to be exposed to a variety of sounds that will wake up your spirit and hopefully make you want to work in your own garden. Romanian DJ&producer, genius selector … Continue reading Injektah |The Beat Selector

Music, the wild woods and John Moose

  The Swedish band John Moose pre-released their debut album via mobile app. It is free for anyone to download and enjoy but there is one condition: the user must be in the woods in order to listen to the music. This unique limitation is fitting for the five-piece band with roots in the deep wild woods of Värmland in Sweden. It also matches their music’s … Continue reading Music, the wild woods and John Moose

The Body is a Resonance Chamber and we live in a Universe of Sound. Can you feel it?

  “The Polar Music Prize 2015 is awarded to percussionist Evelyn Glennie from Aberdeen, Scotland. Evelyn Glennie, who has been deaf since the age of twelve, has a mission to teach the world to listen. She has widened our understanding of what music is and shown us that listening is only partly to do with our ears. Everyone, whatever their physical circumstances, can perceive and perform … Continue reading The Body is a Resonance Chamber and we live in a Universe of Sound. Can you feel it?

Mura Masa, Someday Somewhere

Mura Masa ,” 18 year old beat slayer heart breaker producer singer writer lover”, as you can find on his Fb page, has a fresh glow/flow of amazing vibes/sounds. Check out his “Someday Somewhere EP”, with this stock-in-my-mind/good-to-dance to song:     Anyway, dancing, reminded me of this old skool “D Kay – Serenade”:       still.learningjazz Continue reading Mura Masa, Someday Somewhere

Conscious hip-hop with Homeboy Sandman

Credits: Law school is an unlikely place for a hip-hop epiphany, but when your self-image has been built on resisting the conventional, it makes a strange sort of sense. Homeboy Sandman, a 34-year-old rapper from Queens, New York, is an Ivy League-educated vegan who has written for Gawker and the Huffington Post, and an artist who disparages the term “conscious hip-hop”, despite writing verses that … Continue reading Conscious hip-hop with Homeboy Sandman

Charming Irish hip-hop with Rejjie Snow

Listen some Charming Irish hip-hop with Rejjie Snow Rejjie Snow / Nights Over Georgia Rejjie Snow: I see my music as thought provoking and deep, and hopefully I can help educate people. I always end up relating my music back to social things; it happens naturally. Read more .     ** **     “I consider conversations with people to be mind exercises, but I don’t want … Continue reading Charming Irish hip-hop with Rejjie Snow